A new way to control cameras and DSLRs

CamControl is a new software that can remotely control your camera through USB or WiFi.

Unlike vendor PTP software, CamControl is designed to be extensible and modified by the user. Plugins can be scripted in JavaScript, and the UI is fully modifiable (HTML/CSS).

Features in 0.1.0:

Features in 0.1.1:


CamLib is a new open source PTP library written from the ground up in the C programming language. It corrects the design mistakes of existing APIs and makes it easy to bind it to higher level languages such as JavaScript or Lua.


$2.99 or 30 Dogecoin

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$4.99 or 50 Dogecoin

Windows 10/11 support in the near future.

I also created a free version of CamControl, which is a basic intervalometer with scripting.

Download CamControl intervalometer